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Did y'all see this?  https://nyti.ms/2qHxMBz 

The authors are reporting that racial disparities in pain treatment are "an extremely rare case where racial biases actually protected the [Black] population being discriminated against."

Yes, they called the disparity "protection."

I wrote a comment. But need to say:

1. Calling the under-recognition and under-treatment of Black pain a form of "protection" ignores the pains that resulted in losses, declining productivity, diminishing physical mobility, and avoidable death.

2. To view untreated pain as "protection" overlooks the humans who were demeaned as drug seeking, faking, or incompetent and turned away with their underlying malady unaddressed.

3. Untreated pain is itself a form of suffering.

And unexamined pain leads to undiagnosed ailments that also have consequences.

4. Is it any consolation to Black Americans to die less from opioid-related causes, if they die more from the consequences of their under-recognized and under-treated pain?

Are these authors really so bold as to say this form of racial bias is actually a "protection"?

5./end of this rant

Not every patient who receives an opioid prescription becomes an addict. But every patient whose pain is under-appreciated risks concurrent and continued suffering, from the pain itself and whatever it stems from. The toll of this bias is far from protective.

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