Ramez Naam @ramez Books: Nexus Series / The Infinite Resource. Faculty @SingularityU. Energy, climate, & innovation wonk. Optimist. Nov. 26, 2019 1 min read

This is central to my view of climate action. The rising 6 billion aren't going to accept climate policy that reduces their prospects for a materially better life.

We MUST make clean energy, mobility, industry, & food cheaper & better than the alternative. No other option works.

Initiates to divest or to keep it in the ground, while completely sincere and well-meaning, run smack into this problem.

Until the clean option is cheaper and better, billions who don't have much are going to choose the fossil option. And someone will supply that demand.

The good news is that there are very effective policy options for the rich world, & the emerging powers of China and India. Scaling clean energy, electric mobility, and clean industry and food tech makes them *cheaper* and increases the incentives for whole world to adopt them.

This also speaks to my theory of change in climate communication. Telling people they have to sacrifice to save climate runs smack into people wanting better lives.

Focusing on innovating in & deploying cleantech works far more broadly.  https://tcrn.ch/2sj5v4L 

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