Josh Wolfe+ Your Authors @wolfejosh Co-Founder @Lux_Capital Trustee @SfiScience Santa Fe Inst Chair @CiPrep Coney Island Prep (Brooklyn) Co-Founder of Carson, Quinn & Bodhi w/ @ltwolfe Nov. 26, 2019 2 min read + Your Authors

1/ We release 2019 Lux annual mtg speech—in next few days

technology + truth

a few pics + videos from the day—

(Palmer Luckey revealing Anduril to Nobel Danny Kahneman, Tom Hill (ex Blackstone, Two Sigma), Reardon (CTRL-Labs) + Andrew Ross Sorkin)

2/ Matterport CEO (ex eBay chief product officer) @rjpittman showing centimeter resolution of 3D scans....

3/ Matterport has (impressively!) shipped over $100M of hardware...

4/ Kallyope (gut-brain axis)—

backed by
@BillGates + Lux & founded by Lux partner @AGoulburn who makes blushing cameo—

as incredible CEO @ThornberryNancy (30yr Merck veteran responsible for heir best selling drug) gives a shout out + explains WHY she took the top job...

5/ One absolute highlight for the entire Lux family was ret 4-Star Gen Commander USSOCOM Tony Thomas—...

6/ Gen Thomas gave a tour de force on elite special operations forces, leadership, technology at the speed of war, AI, drones, morality, and a sweeping status of top crisis zones globally today...

7/ I had the fortune at Gen Thomas direction to experience being at the edge of the formations with the women and men at "the tip of the spear", nearly 90,000 patriots across 90 countries...

8/ We covered the origin of a sketch for sensor fusion thinking from this brave special operations Master Breacher Chuck Yerry—who inspired Gen Thomas + Gen Stanley McChrystal to deliver better technology between operator, drones, satellites and beyond...

9/ To US technology companies working closely in Defense whether it is drones or small satellites (like Lux family co Planet)—to reveal for example what happened recently in Saudi Arabia...

10/ Gen Thomas aka T2 @TonyTho57348282 + Lux partner @Farshchi + Tom Hill (who built Blackstone from $1B to $80B) +
Chris Brody (who ran Warburg Pincus VC) + Anduril founder/CEO @SchimpfBrian ...

11/ Another incredibe moment was Lux family founder/CEOs

CTRL-Labs (acq by Facebook)

+ Fred Moll
founder Intuitive Surgic + now Auris
(acq by J&J)
for a combined ~$7B

getting real + honest w/ impromptu special guest: on them agreeing to sell...

12/...Danny Kahneman + probability and decision making genius Maya Bar-Hillel...Chris Brody (ex Warburg Pincus) + Lux 's Dick Foster (ex Mckinsey lead) + CTRL-Lab founders (Patrick + Reardon) + Anduril founder @PalmerLuckey

13/ Lux partners @bznotes + @peterjhebert + while we and the rest of the Lux family allocate the cash...the incomparable Bibi allocates the most important asset—time (keeper of the calendar!)...more to come later!

14/ here's LAST yr (2018) private speech

How everything great happens not in SPITE of hardship + adversity—but BECAUSE of it

And how the
INEVITABLE (directional arrows of tech progress) meets the
IMPOSSIBLE (against all odds) 

15/ 2019 just released... 

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