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The timeline & lack of clear rules for this handle release is pretty wild. I wonder what percentage of Twitter will just disappear.

IIRC Twitter has been migrating quite a few of their services to the public cloud over the last year. I wonder if that is a component of this purge calculus. Trimming the data and tech debt.

Twitter will most likely just continue winding down API access (unless Jack’s discussion around user configurable algorithms becomes an App Store of sorts) but the backwards compatibility & tech debt that the company faces is equally as wild. 🌲✂️

Some backpedaling and clarifications here, but the answer seems to be GDPR. It's risk accumulation; a compliance burden whose footprint can be reduced when accounts are consolidated. Makes me wonder if multi-handle single-account is the end goal here.

I don't buy the argument that Twitter needs to free up handles for new users; they're saturated, and this is the end of the line. But, the single-identity consolidation could make waves in bringing an end to this bot era, and I think that's the directionality we're seeing.

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