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25iQuiz: What's the LTV of a Disney+ customer? ARPU? Churn? Gross margin? CAC?

"Apptopia issued a report estimating streaming service Disney+ has reached 15.5 million downloads and generated $5 million through in-app purchases." 

What about Hulu? What are the unit economics? Why is ARPU so low?

"It seems the effective subscription price for Hulu SVOD is very low (and even with that, Hulu barely grew in the fiscal fourth quarter, adding only about 500,000)” net new paid subscribers."

Zen Riddles:

If someone is watching DISNEY+ on a free trial are they a "customer"?

Is the cost of that free trial COGS or CAC?

If a mobile operator pays the fee for the first year for a person, how much higher will the churn rate be and how much lower is ARPU?

25iQuiz: Draw a picture of the wholesale transfer pricing involved:

"Earlier this month Disney said the price of Hulu Live will be rising to $54.99/month from $44.99/month. But Juenger estimates Hulu monthly programming costs now come to $55/month." 

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