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For anyone wondering why I do what I do? Gaming has been such a huge part of my life, so I'm trying my best to be a positive voice in games, share my enthusiasm, and carve out a welcoming space that is more relaxed and less hostile than typical gaming communities. 💜🏳️‍⚧️

I think it can be easy to be cynical about the games industry, especially after everything that's been happening over the last few years with predatory monetization and gambling in AAA titles, but I find it far more valuable to highlight the truly great titles and elevate them.

I can't simply trash big publisher excess, it feels like I'm just preaching to the choir. Everyone already knows why lootboxes are terrible, but when I talk enthusiastically about games I like? So many people tell me they never heard of certain titles until I spoke about them.

We can't constantly highlight the negatives, without praising the positives. I have had amazing times with games over the last few years, and it just feels wholesome to gush about those experiences and introduce people to experiences they'd love as well.

And I think this goes hand in hand with me trying to build a community that is more welcoming and chilled out, because if I wasn't positive about the games I play, what kind of community would I be building? What would be the point in a more welcoming space focused on outrage?

I'm so glad I'm able to be that voice, and I feel I'm making a positive impact in gaming. I hear from not only players, but developers too, and it's wonderful that I can tell devs that their games are good; something I wouldn't have a chance to do if I was negative all the time.

That's not to say I'm *not* going to criticize predatory monetization, and billionaire CEOs who sell gambling to children and crunch their developers, then sack them all after making record sales, because yeah I'm gonna do that. I'm just saying it can't be my focus.

But I love sharing my enthusiasm so much more. There's so many great games out there, and they deserve to be talked about more than the latest another AAA disaster.

So, here's my Twitch, feel free to do me a follow. ❤️ 

And I have a curator page where I recommend games 

Also, I should totally get my own Netflix series where I interview game developers from all over the world, as well as gaming communities, and fandoms. That would be cool.

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