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I learned a big lesson during the Obama administration - you can't like a politician so much that you don't apply the same scrutiny you wouldn't apply to someone you don't like. It makes me so uncomfortable how much idolatry folks have of any one of these folks.

I really like Warren. But you better believe I want to hold her feet to the fire when I don't agree. I don't actually understand why we think that accountability means attack. They are politicians. They should be refined in the pressure of a demanding public.

Whether it is Buttigieg, Biden, Warren, Sander, or Harris - they all should get the scrutiny of a public that demands a strong candidate. If we feel a pull of defensiveness at critiquing them, we have sincerely divulged far too much faith in deeply fallible power-seeking humans.

This is a primary y'all. Our American aversion to conflict is killin me here.

I honestly feel like I should have spoken out more during the Obama administration and pushed on so many more issues while I had a leader that was at least somewhat movable. I feel like I fell down on my job as a citizen on that part. My respect for the man clouded my demands.

I will never go through another admin where I am not fiercely engaged in whether or not the person is making good on their promises. My lack of doing that means the only voices demanding anything are so far to the right of me that moderation becomes the only viable political path

We need to be inconvenient. I want to be inconvenient.

Quite frankly, we left it to THE VERY MOST marginalized to be inconvenient during the Obama administration. BLM activists, DREAMERS, trans women of color. I won't be making that mistake again. I won't leave folks even more marginalized then I am to fight that battle alone.

I was in Argentina and talking to folks from Latin America and it is WILD to me how global the issues we are facing are. But a common strand is the selection of heroes that never make good on their promises and the need for the public to have opinions and hold people accountable.

And honestly, that just leads me to the fallibility of each top candidate.
Buttigieg has a terrible advance and comms team with little diversity
Biden is sincerely not lucid enough for all of this and lives in a lala land where being pals with the R party gets things done

Warren hasn't proven her chops with conflict and while her team is capable, she hasn't done well on her feet
Harris still has a huge public perception of being carceral and communities of color resent her for it
Sanders does not know how to communicate out of his echo chamber

And ALL of us have to evaluate how quickly divided we are at facing any one of those realities and how resentful we get as a community for those things being pointed out. And we gotta figure those problems out in the primary, cause the general ain't the place for it.

And before anyone "well actually's" me on the problems with each candidate - there are plenty of disagreeable policy positions to go around - I'm talking about key fallibilities in their team in how they politic.

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