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We have a confession... #FutureCompute

Over the last few years, we have declared Moore’s Law dead only to go back on our prediction several times. #FutureCompute

That's right. We waffled in 2000. #FutureCompute 

In 2016. #FutureCompute 

And in 2018. #FutureCompute 

What's Moore's Law? Here's a definition.

If you already know this term, skip on to the next tweet. #FutureCompute

In our defense, new technologies we didn't foresee have kept Moore’s Law alive. #FutureCompute 

What do you think? Is Moore’s Law dead? We ask because we’ll be exploring the future of computing at a two-day event next week. #FutureCompute

If you’re interested in attending #FutureCompute, you can learn more about the conference here: 

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