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The insinuation that I bullied @sciam into taking down that hit job is ridiculous. Hundreds of people here were shocked at the piece and many wrote threads detailing the deficiencies. Many emailed. I presented a detailed review of the lies and words that were out of context. 1.

I explained how tweets about abortion were used to imply that is how I regularly tweet. I explained the claim of credible research about vaginal yogurt was false. I showed the claims about tea tree oil were false. I explained I had written on obstetrical violence 2.

I asked why my dead infant was relevant to the story. I showed proof of what I had said and written about OBOS (only called out the anecdotes) and the editor told me that he listened to many of my interviews to confirm. 3.

I explained that personal anecdote is not scientific. I pointed out how the data on alcohol in pregnancy was mischaracterized. I explained the patriarchal roots of vaginal steaming and the biological implausibility of effectiveness and the potential harm. 4

I reviewed the anecdote about jade eggs and that as presented it was as useful in a scientific journal as Uri Geller starting broken watches remotely via the television. 5

I put the editors in contact with @indyfromspace so she could explain how the interview obtained. 6

I pointed to my extensive body of work that shows I have acknowledged repeatedly the gaps in medicine. I have written extensively on it and it is a theme in a lot of my writing. I am trying to fix these gaps by educating everyone, doctors included. 7.

I explained how I was never contacted for the piece. How I never said I disbelieve women who had pain or sexual difficulties post LEEP, the only thing I said was the Cosmo piece was as not well researched. I stand by that. Others have agreed with me. 8

I have done probably a hundred plus interviews since my book came out and hundreds in the years before. Many of those reporters or doctors are here on Twitter. No one has ever written that I was arrogant or dismissive. 9

You can listen to the numerous podcasts and interviews I have done to see how I am. I am pretty much the same in every one. Because I am being me. 10.

If you want to know how I am in person ask people who have met me, such as @drjessigold @MollyJongFast @darakass @choo_ek @MDaware @CaulfieldTim @jillpromoli @MaureenHalushak @drjudymelinek @fordvox @SkepCdnChick or @tomtomorrow 11.

I have never called women stupid. I bristle at that implication the most. What I have done is give them facts so they can make informed choices about their bodies. If you hear all the info about jade eggs and want to do it, your body your choice. But you deserve the info 12.

My ire has ALWAYS been directed to those who would misinform women about their bodies or their health. I call out @gop, medicine, pseudoscience, and pharma to name a few. 13

Attacks on me escalated when I started explaining how food can’t balance hormones and wrote about oral contraception. The people attacking me are making ad hominem attacks. They provide no science. I’ve blocked 10 people today on Instagram. How is it feminism to attack me? 14

This implication that I am bullying an international publication like @sciam is conspiracy theory level strange.

And how is blindsiding me with an attack filled with half truths and lies in an international journal not bullying? 15

I have long admitted there are gaps in medicine and I am working to fix them. And to paraphrase @bengoldacre “If there is a problem with the airline industry the answer is not to invest in magic carpets.” 16

I spent 4 days getting this retracted and I did it with science. The piece went through far less fact checking to get approved. So how exactly is me providing the proof that SHOULD have been provided to begin with bullying?


Explaining that vaginal steaming is based in the patriarchal belief that the uterus has toxins and that steaming cannot alter hormones or cleanse trauma is factual. Do my detractors want me to lie about it? 18

If you still want to steam after you read what I say, fine. It is your body and your choice. If you want an IUD, birth control pills, a pregnancy etc. your body, your choice. I wear heels. My body my choice. 19.

And this I am hoping is the last I will say about that article. I am sick of seeing it in my feed. It ruined my Thanksgiving and my kids read it and were horrified. “How could someone write that?” And honestly, I had no answer.


Other people who know me are @kevinault @DrLoriBrotto @FionaMattatall @YoniFreedhoff @DrYolandaK


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