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Sarah Mei
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This has been true since Wikipedia started. Yet every time I mention it, I get a ton of totally SHOCKED “how is WIKIPEDIA sexist?!?!?!??” replies.

Remember how there were 2 folks associated with Wikipedia on the @fsf board, aiding & abetting Richard Stallman’s misogyny and harassment for decades?

And how so many people on here when I pointed it out were like “’s Wikipedia! It doesn’t make sense! It’s not sexist!”

One of those people, @mindspillage, is still on the @fsf board. She was on the Wikimedia Foundation’s board for seven years, including one as the chair, and still serves on their advisory board.

I find these two appointments entirely consistent, in that both organizations have shown little interest in rooting out the ingrained misogyny they harbor.

For instance: the @fsf is still the primary source of funding for the GNU project, which Richard Stallman still runs.

GNU is their only major project.

It receives the bulk of their expenditures.

The board permits Stallman to continue running the project.

The FSF has made no public comment on their removal of Stallman as president of the board. At this point, months after the event, it can hardly be doubted that it’s because they didn’t want to remove him, but felt intense pressure to do so.

I think they’ve just moved him to the basement, like the hieress in ghostbusters who (embarrassingly for the family!) murdered her servants.

Stallman continues his work as head of the GNU project - which still is where all the money goes, as before.

I asked - on a women in free software mailing list, in response to a request from FSF staff that we amplify their CFP - whether Stallman would be coming to their conference.

They did not deign to reply.

So anyway - yes, Wikipedia is sexist. Has been since its inception. So has the Free Software Foundation. Neither wants to change that.

I don’t give either of them my money anymore, and you shouldn’t either.

And it’s not just Wales - witness their former chairman of the board @mindspillage, who now actively supports Richard Stallman’s continuing as a community leader.

The whole barrel is spoiled. Throw them all out. 🍏🍎🍏

Rules and standards enforced unevenly. Notability standards designed for how men’s history is propagated. There are thousands of examples like this.

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