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1. You don't have to buy XMAS presents! Every year I see people kill themselves buying presents for everyone they know. Free yourself of this insanity if its not what you want or you can't afford it...you don't owe anyone a present...including family!

(I know kids are different)

2. Again, if it gives you immense pleasure, I am not judging or questioning what makes you happy!

But if the holiday season feels like a burden...if it stresses you out...stop the insanity!

Tell your friends now not to get you anything so that you don't feel bad when they do

3. For those of you who go out & get 50 of the same thing to give to friends please ask yourself if people really need what you're buying. Do your friends really need another scarf/candle? If it makes you happy, fine. But are you just doing it because you feel like you have to?

4. I much prefer buying presents randomly when the thought occurs or for birthdays. I will never understand this insane holiday season and how people drive themselves nuts buying stuff for people...often putting themselves in debt.

Please stop doing this to yourself!

5. I say all of this out of empathy for what people put themselves through during the holiday season.

I promise people won't hate you if you don't buy xmas presents for them and if they do, then please ask yourself why someone in your life requires you to buy presents for them.

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