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1. The thing you need to know about elephants is that they LOVE babies...not saying that because of this video, but elephants love babies in a similar way that humans do

When an elephant is born (in this case rescued) the older female elephants all push to babysit the new baby

2. Elephants learn to be moms when they're younger and help mothers in the herd care for their babies. That way when they're ready to have kids of their own, they have all the skills they need to be good moms

All of this knowledge is passed down from the matriarch of the herd

3. Which is why it's so devastating for an elephant herd when a matriarch is killed by poachers or dies years ahead of her life expectancy for some other reason. With the death of the matriarch comes the death of the institutional knowledge she learned and never forgets.

4. This includes the best sources of food and water. A matriarch learned from her mother and aunts who learned from their mother and aunts. When times are tough (drought etc) as they often are now in Africa with climate change, this knowledge is lifesaving for an elephant herd

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