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Can someone also ask, the next time one of these yahoos go on TV saying an investigation was warranted, why Ukraine was even involved since:

1. They don’t have jurisdiction over U.S. citizens for corruption cases; and
2. We don’t have an extradition treaty w Ukraine in any case

The first point is literally stated in the kooky Ken Vogel Politico piece which forms the “evidence” for their conspiracy theory👇🏽 

And the second point is just a legal fact, so what was the endgame of this supposedly “legitimate” investigation, if there was no legal basis to get the subjects over there to be prosecuted anyway? Kidnapping???

This whole thing is dumb beyond belief.

P.S. The answer to the above questions is that there was no intention of pursuing a real investigation, just an *announcement* that could be manipulated for election help, as I explain here 

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