Jennifer Gunter @DrJenGunter OB/GYN, appropriately confident, lasso of truth, Canadian Spice, I speak for no one but me. The Vagina Bible (bestseller! OMG). Jensplaining, NYT contributor. Dec. 02, 2019 1 min read

My words from earlier this year on medicine, patriarchy, and wellness -> Dr. Jen Gunter explores the myths that surround women's reproductive health and discusses why misinformation about the female body is so enticing. An interview with @lizzieohreally 

I talk (and write) a lot about how women have been marginalized and mistreated by medicine and how wellness capitalizes on these gaps. I talk about informed consent and how I'm embarrassed to hear how some women have been treated.

"She also gets asked about yogurt and, recently, cannabis (for the record, your vagina cannot get high). It’s easy to laugh, but Gunter is sympathetic. “That thing about garlic is [recommended] in Our Bodies Ourselves,” she says" 

And an interview in @MotherJones 

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