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As promised, here’s more on the world’s most advanced nanotube computer and how it may keep Moore’s Law alive. #FutureCompute 

Carbon nanotubes could be the perfect solution to a slowdown in Moore’s Law. #FutureCompute

Not only are nanotube transistors faster than silicon ones, studies have found that chips made from nanotubes could be up to 10x more energy efficient. This efficiency boost could significantly extend electronic gadgets’ battery life. #FutureCompute 

A team of academics at @MIT recently said it found ways to overcome some of the biggest hurdles to producing nanotube microprocessors at scale. We’re listening to a member of this team, Max Shulaker, talk right now. #FutureCompute 

What questions do you have about this technology? Reply with them in this thread. #FutureCompute

"If we really want to revolutionize computing, business as usual is inefficient. And new innovations are required" Max Shulaker of @MITEECS #FutureCompute

"We’re actually building [nanosystems] in industries today" - Max Shulaker of @MITEECS #FutureCompute

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