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How do we prepare the workforce of the future? It’s a question @MIT is tackling head-on with the single largest investment in computing and AI by an American academic institution. #FutureCompute 

Diving into the ideas behind this college is its dean, Dan Huttenlocher. What questions do you have about the college and the digital workforce of the future? #FutureCompute

"What @MIT is doing is the biggest thing since it was founded. We’re really looking at how we change the nature of how MIT approaches computer research and innovation… with a real focus on the technology and on its social and ethical impacts and responsibilities" #FutureCompute

What would you study if you were an undergraduate today?

“I would definitely still major in computer science. But I would defeinitely couple that with much more study of the social and humanistic side of it” - Dan Huttenlocher, dean of @MIT's Schwarzman College of Computing

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