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In October, @Google claimed it achieved quantum supremacy. Talking to us about this milestone is Marissa Giustina of @GoogleAI. Stay tuned to learn what it means for the future of quantum computing. #FutureCompute 

From a CS perspective, an abacus and a classical computer are the same thing, says Giustina.

"A quantum computer operates with different fundamental rules. We [at @GoogleAI] figured we could leverage that different operating principle to do something useful." #FutureCompute

On @GoogleAI's claim it achieved quantum supremacy:

"For me, it’s about the hardware," says Marissa Giustina. "Suddenly, for the first time, we can control a quantum system of this size and scale very effectively." #FutureCompute

What's next for @GoogleAI? Probably error correction. #FutureCompute

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