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Sarah Mei
+ Your AuthorsArchive @sarahmei Software engineer & founder of @RailsBridge and @LivableCode. Currently stirring the pot at @SalesforceUX. She/her. ✨Twitter at the speed of parenting✨ Dec. 03, 2019 1 min read

Hey, here’s an idea: give us a democratic candidate who’s NOT a handsy boomer white dude! I will ENTHUSIASTICALLY vote for them.

If you can’t do that, though, forget it. Handsy boomer white dudes got us into this mess. I’ll sit this one out rather than voting for another.

The first three presidential elections that I voted in were for white men:
* Bill Clinton
* Al Gore
* John Kerry

And THEN, there were three elections where I didn’t have to hold my nose when I voted:
* Barack Obama
* Barack Obama
* Hilary Clinton

Now I know what it’s like to be genuinely excited about my candidate becoming president.

As a result - my standards are higher. I don’t apologize for that.

There are many like me.

If the dems give us another boring white man, they will not be able to count on their traditional support.

I don’t owe anyone my vote. You don’t either. You’re totally free to hold your nose or compromise your values - or not.

I’ve picked “not.”

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