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As you may have noticed, the @nytimes obtained thousands of previously unheard Russian Air Force communications. These cockpit tapes provide an unprecedented insight into Russia's air war in Syria. Here's a thread with all the investigations we've published so far.

1. Russia's military helped save Assad’s regime in Syria. Our first investigation shows that included bombing 4 hospitals in just 12 hours.


2. In this @readercenter piece, we give some insight in how we deciphered the cockpit tapes, which are only a few seconds long per file and riddled with seemingly indecipherable military jargon and code words. 

3. A month after we showed that Russia attacked 4 hospitals in 12 hours, its Air Force returned and bombed one of the facilities again. It seemed too brazen to be true, but the cockpit tapes left no room for doubt.

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4. Meanwhile, the United Nations are also investigating attacks on humanitarian sites in Syria. Diplomats told the @nytimes that Russia is trying to keep the U.N. findings secret. 

5. Our second major investigation showed how Russia carried out two of the deadliest airstrikes on Syrian civilians this year. One Russian pilot confirmed his strikes on a busy commercial street with “Sent candy”.

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6. To give insight into our methodology, we published a @readercenter article alongside of the second major investigation. It details the verification and reporting steps of a crucial piece of the puzzle: a single photo. 

All of this is a massive team effort of many. And we’re continuing the investigations using the cockpit tapes. Stay tuned for more.

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