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1/ On “The Irishman”

—i relished what felt like a last visit w/these characters (Pacino, DeNiro, Keitel, Pesci) playing characters—unlikely to do something together again.

—my 2 fave scenes (spoiler alert)

the very end of THIS scene
What is said 👀 WITHOUT saying a word👀

Then this scene (#2) with the foreshadowing symbolism of the door ajar
We are curious as Frank: why Hoffa left it open?
a sign of trust? vulnerability?
A symbolic invitation into his life?
A literal invitation?
of fear of being alone?

3/ *Spoiler Alert*

This final scene.

Frank want his door ajar—he’s inherited Hoffa’s same fear of loneliness hoping to call for help—or confident trust, guilty vulnerability, the acceptance of death at the door, symbolically coming for him (or an agent of death as he was)

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