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Earlier this year, a source sent us a copy of an unpublished manuscript describing the creation of the first gene-edited babies. We are making excerpts of that manuscript public for the first time in this report by @antonioregalado. 

Titled “Birth of Twins After Genome Editing for HIV Resistance,” and 4,699 words long, the still unpublished paper was authored by He Jiankui, the Chinese biophysicist who created the edited twin girls. A second manuscript discusses research on human and animal embryos.

We shared the unpublished manuscripts with these four experts—a legal scholar, an IVF doctor, an embryologist, and a gene-editing specialist—and asked them for their reactions.

Their views were damning. He ignored ethical and scientific norms in creating the gene-edited twins Lulu and Nana. We have summarized the 13 main concerns. 

More than a year after the birth of the world’s first gene-edited babies in China, the affair is still shrouded in secrecy, writes @antonioregalado. 

The silence hasn’t served only to conceal what really happened to the girls. It is hiding the scientific facts themselves.

And it is not just because journals are worried about the trampling of ethics rules. It’s also because He hasn’t been seen or heard from in months.

The unpublished research paper by He Jiankui about the creation of the babies shows proof of attempted gene editing gone awry, writes @PennMedicine genetics professor @kiranmusunuru. We need to know exactly what happened, and how. 

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