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No obligation to clean up the mess, huh boys?

Brin and Page represented the childish, goofball, often feckless romance of tech. But Google, with Pichai at the helm, has finally and fully abandoned “Don’t Be Evil”.

Because the person now taking over creates a different ...

... and probably more dangerous set of problems for the ecosystem, and Google’s standing in the world.

Under Pichai, Alphabet’s core companies, Google and YouTube, have been ensnared in a seemingly endless procession of ethics issues ...

1. Protests of the company’s involvement in “Project Maven,” a Pentagon program that builds technology warfare using A.I. to help better pinpoint bombing targets.

2. And 4 Google employees fired last month, allegedly for speaking up about labor practices at the company ...

... asked for a federal inquiry into the company.

3. The company was also embroiled in the #MeToo movement, with employees walking out in response to Google’s mishandling of sexual harassment allegations.

4. And then there’s YouTube, which is used to fuel hate speech, the ...

... hub that spreads some of the most volatile conspiracy theories in America and around the globe, and which has also been criticized for not doing enough to try to stop such malevolence.

Page and Brin will leave while the rest of the world is aflame.

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