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This pap is like saying, "Look—you've disliked this bank robber ever since he started robbing banks. You're saying now that he robbed a bank not because all the evidence shows he robbed a bank [though it does] but because you're biased against bank robbers and always have been."

1/ Not *one Democrat* I know dislikes Trump simply because he won in 2016. That's not how people think—ever—whether they're on the left or right of the political spectrum or anywhere in-between. Democrats saw from the jump—correctly—that Trump had been and was committing crimes.

2/ Republicans say that Democrats need to do more to understand them, and on a *qualified* basis I actually agree with that (understanding does not require subsuming oneself). But Great God, do Republicans have *any* clue how *Democrats* think? I see no sign of that *whatsoever*.

3/ In politics, sometimes you win, sometimes you don't. No one who follows politics isn't prepared to lose an election and deal with it. But politics *doesn't* mean enlisting foreign aid to help you. It *doesn't* mean suppressing the vote. *That's* what Democrats get angry about.

4/ I rarely hear TV commentators discussing how *little* effort *Republicans* make to understand the very clear, very law-conforming, very *normative* viewpoints coming from Democrats in the 2010s. Instead, *we're* told to understand people who think lying 13,500 times is *fine*.

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