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Am I reading the story right?

1. understaffed during the holidays ✅
2. People burned out ✅
3. things got chippy in chat ❌
4. an open culture blew up when folks started private rooms to vent ❌
5. Overtime rules were not clear ❌

lessons for founders include:

A. Burst up staff during holidays
B. Be super clear & cool about overtime for hourly folks
C. Assume all chats will be public
D. Not everyone will work as hard the founder & that’s ok, just be clear about comp vs effort

I’ve had these issue before, easily solved to be candid

Most basic is to explain the effort expected during hiring. To be an elite investor, for example, you need to do 60-70+ hours a week. To be ok to good, maybe 40-50.

We tell that to folks straight up. if they take the gig @launch it could result in millions in comp a decade.

For 90% of folks who are starting out, they don’t want to work that hard or aspire to hit extreme outcomes, so you pay them hourly & give them OT on the regular

they don’t get the big carry/equity hits until they opt into the higher management ranks... THEN expectations rise

The mistake in this story seems to be expecting hourly workers, early in their careers, to perform like owners or big equity players

I’ve made that mistake

Not everyone defines success as working 80 hours a week to take down a big win or advance their careers quickly

Also, sometimes people switch from career to family or life focused, and that’s ok too!

I’ve had 70 hour a week killers suddenly decide they want to stop work at 430pm (!!) & not answer emails/txts off hours or take on more work.

That’s harder to manage but you can manage it.

Any questions?

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