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The main thing to point out here is that if—as McCarthy says—"it was a case the U.S. attorney had already opened," why the *hell* was Trump sending a civilian to (as Rudy confessed) "meddle in an investigation" and why was Trump withholding $400 million in desperately needed aid?

1/ Like, if you think an investigation is already underway, it makes it *worse* if you send your civilian lawyer to "meddle in it" and you illegally withhold aid intended to combat a Russian invasion of Europe to put pressure on... an *existing* investigation? That's... *insane*.

2/ If you think the feds are investigating something you *get the hell out of the way*, as the alternative is to risk committing *many crimes*, like Hindering Prosecution, Falsification of Evidence, Obstruction of Evidence, False Report of a Crime, Witness Tampering... on and on.

3/ If you're proudly representing America by combatting corruption overseas a) you only do so using *funds you legally control*, b) you don't tell someone what you're doing in a phone call you later *hide on a classified server*, c) you complain about *all the companies*—not one.

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