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Pinterest DIY gone wrong

You have to actually wonder how many dudes out there are building unsophisticated neutron sources & reactors in their garage. It's probably an uncomfortable number — and those are benign. Since 1993, bad actors have acquired nuclear materials 270 times.  https://publicintegrity.org/national-security/plutonium-is-missing-but-the-government-says-nothing/ 

As of 2009, the Department of Energy had a pound of plutonium and 45 pounds of highly enriched uranium go unaccounted for, with their whereabouts still unknown. The same DOE that was led by this dude

That's just the recorded num of material thefts; the U.S. has misplaced a number of functional warheads over the years, & our reactor waste system remains dysfunctional. Bumped into a transporter recently; these were hardened under Obama, but they're still vulnerable to spoofing.

A lot of that tracking tech comes from the maritime industry; that is the direct origin for a lot of today's GPS systems. And we're seeing the well-resourced actors having a hay-day breaking that industry, for the world to watch on Strava theater:  https://www.technologyreview.com/s/614689/ghost-ships-crop-circles-and-soft-gold-a-gps-mystery-in-shanghai/ 

Always a fun time out here watching the world. I doubt there is highly enriched uranium in a garage in Columbus, but that's going to be an interesting story to follow tonight. Still developing:  https://www.dispatch.com/news/20191205/emergency-crews-investigating-report-of-possible-small-nuclear-reactor-in-northwest-side-garage 

Just a mad lad building a ‘quantum physics generator’ 🥴  https://www.10tv.com/article/officials-no-hazard-found-after-hazmat-bomb-squad-response-northwest-columbus-2019-dec 

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