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Xinjiang's astroturfing is really heating up here on Twitter. This account joined in October. There are dozens of them w/ the same message. Some are real people, w/ unfortunate & untrue beliefs, but I believe many to be pure propaganda on a new lateral. More eyes needed on these:

This is the back and forth context of that particular tweet:

Propaganda works & many in China believe what is happening in Xinjiang to be a positive thing, not out of evil, but because of blinders. It is true that Xinjiang was impoverished; now it's also bulldozed. Many can't see that, and some choose not to. These are slow burns of horror

I couldn't say w/ certainty that these accounts & their messaging sit in front of a state desk, but they are w/o a doubt a product of it. They challenge you, but note that they don't block you. It is not you to whom they speak. They reach beyond the quote.

Here is a dataset and network of 690 traditional bots attempting to counter Xinjiang content, largely in English, here on Twitter:

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