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The originators of the China Cables just announced themselves publicly to seek protection from the world. It reaches around the globe, w/ MSS spies & threats in Dubai, diaspora infiltrations in the Netherlands, & family members held as collateral at home:  https://www.volkskrant.nl/nieuws-achtergrond/beijings-grote-geheim-stond-op-haar-laptop~b49413c3/ 

If that story is accurate, the most shocking & riskiest piece is that the global coalition that validated and reported on the China Cables began with a tweet. The source simply tweeted out highly classified documents from the Chinese government & they wound up before the right 👀

That makes for two groundbreaking pieces of evidence that have validated human rights abuses on the ground in China that began with an anonymous social media post. On the Internet, nobody knows you're a dog — or in possession of the world's darkest secrets  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gGYoeJ5U7cQ 

According to that testimonial, Chinese intelligence officers are using a disparate network of profiles across social media to intimidate leakers. It's not just WeChat. On Facebook Messenger, the MSS slides into your DMs: "You’ll end up in little pieces in the bin."

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