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Why people below 30 are living the roommates + Tinder life instead of getting married, buying a house, and having kids. It's not a lifestyle choice...

The takeaway here isn't "oh the poor millennials", it's "lack of generational economic redistribution leads to very low birthrates in rich countries, which when not compensated by immigration leads to demographic decline". Like in Japan...

Japan has a birthrate of 1.44 (far below replacement rate of 2.1), is becoming an elderly nation, and may eventually die off. It's an entirely fixable political problem. Young people in every rich country do in fact want a house, financial stability, & kids. Just can't afford it.

How do we fix it? Free childcare, free education up to college, some free college options, *build more housing*, stop treating housing as an investment vehicle for boomers, tax breaks for having kids

Sounds expensive? Just like for fighting climate change, it's entirely affordable for rich countries. It's just a matter of prioritizing long-term collective survival instead of the short-term comfort of the ruling generation

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