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We talk about this at @initialized internally quite a lot— software is eating the world, and those who can write it basically only go to work at two places: The Big Five tech cos, or startups

The only way the rest of the economy can access good engineers is working with startups

This is also why we are bullish on enterprise software and vertical marketplaces in overlooked late adopter industries like logistics (Flexport), real estate (Zeus), airplane parts (Skyselect), food supply chain (Silo, PlateIQ, Shelf Engine), and even industrial metal (Reibus)

One more tailwind at our backs when thinking about late adopter industries:

The buyers and decision makers of these marketplaces and services (usually enterprise-style sales) have now finally become the mid-30’s oldest millenials who are digital native

One more note, since I think SOME people are taking this the wrong way— There are a lot of great software engineers working at incumbent companies and they do great work. But you've got to have an exec team and board that gets tech and that doesn't always happen.

I totally retract saying "ONLY" because it's wrong.

There are brilliant engineers in every organization in the world, and some of them get to fully shine. But many don't, because there isn't management all the way up the chain that can fully optimize for what they can create.

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