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TOOL TIME. I’m responding to this “thread” since this person’s followers are sending me hate mail. 🙄 This is basically a Reply Guy who thinks the IG report vindicated claims he made about the FISA process and the Carter Page application, which it doesn’t. 1/

2. First, though, to address this tweet. My Twitter feed is set up to auto-delete tweets that are over a year old. It’s annoying because I often lose a lot of good threads but to me it’s just good social media hygiene. (“screenshat” is so brand for MAGAs)

3. The thrust of Jason’s claims was essentially that 1) the FBI could not present Steele’s reporting to the court unless it independently verified his claims; and 2) that the entirety of the Page FISA relied on Steele’s reporting. The IG report makes clear this is not true.

4. On the first claim, the IG report literally says what I told him: “[W]hen information is attributed to a FBI [source], the Woods Procedures require only that the agent verify...that the application accurately reflects what the CHS told the FBI.”

5. On the second claim, the IG report makes clear that the Steele reporting was one of five elements the FBI presented in the application, including Page’s past history and contacts with Russian intelligence and recorded statements he made provided by an FBI source.

6. My position was that, while it was not required legally, I would be surprised if the FBI did not have additional info corroborating (directly or indirectly) Steele’s reporting — say, from other sources, intel, etc. Hey look, it was consistent with other intel they had

7. In any case, the IG’s problem was not the inclusion of Steele’s reporting, or that it was not directly corroborated, or the sufficiency of the PC generally. It was that a lot of weight was placed on Steele’s reliability, and that was not 100% characterized accurately

8. The IG also had issues with the reliability characterization of Steele’s sub-sources — though I have to say that the FBI was very careful to make clear his second- and third- hand reporting (lots of suggestions that the FBI had lied about this, they didn’t)

9. There were *lots* of issues with the FISA process, and I didn’t defend them as illustrated by the below thread I wrote yesterday. But it’s important, if you are going to do a “GOTCHA!” based on the IG report, to actually read it and know what it says.

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