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Some folks on the right somewhat hilariously misunderstood my tweets from this morning, so let me be clear: the IG report is not damaging *whatsoever* to the Russia probe or any book on the Russia probe. I was upset by the ignorance and the incompetence of the testimony on my TV.

2/ Today we learned there were 17 acts of negligence across a sprawling 3-year investigation that if it had been like most years-long investigations, should've had scores. There was 1 act of misconduct that may've assisted in getting additional warrants on Page post-inauguration.

3/ The predication for the FBI investigation was solid; there was no political bias; and the investigation was found to be urgent and appropriate. The FBI didn't disclose the investigation prior to the election, and it ultimately led to countless indictments and prison sentences.

4/ So what was offensive about the *testimony* was its ignorance of so much of the *context* into which it should have known its conclusions would be placed, not that the conclusions were damaging. For instance, the FBI had *every reason* to investigate Page based on his history.

5/ Today's questioning/testimony led to substantial confusion about the type of counterintelligence briefing Trump/Flynn received in August 2016 and its purpose. The FBI may change its policies going forward, but there is no doubt everything about that briefing was *appropriate*.

6/ Moreover, what's actually interesting about the August 2016 briefing is that it presented an opportunity for Trump/Flynn to reveal information about the Russian attack on America that they possessed. They did not do so, further *justifying* the ongoing investigation of Flynn.

7/ This IG report was one of the biggest *busts* in Congressional oversight history. The scope and depth of the over-promising by Trump and his sycophants that preceded it is staggering. They wove a story of deep-state conspiracies and nefarious plots that was 100% *fantastical*.

8/ So I know it'd be really fun for Trumpists to think that people on the left are upset about the IG report, but I'm here to inform them that *no one* on the left is upset about the report. It was a huge bust. We're upset at the *misinformation* the hearing on the report spread.

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