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I've been volunteering as an assistant at a woman's full impact self-defense course. One of the hardest and most necessarily repeated concepts in that course is this - there is no boundary that you set that makes it so a person wants to cross your boundaries.

And the women in the course, myself included often ask "what about this boundary?" and the instructor repeats over and over "Nope, if someone attacks you, it's because they want to attack you, not punishment for a boundary."

It is so present to me how often folks in a conversation about race say things like "well if they hadn't fought for that right" or "If they weren't so aggressive about the boundary" then ::insert racist thing here:: wouldn't have happened.

Truly, you do not make a racist person by making a boundary clear. In fact, laying down the boundary often makes it real clear, real fast, a person with the desire to cross the boundary in the first place.

*Tweet inspired by Nikki Haley's bananas op-ed I will not link

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