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Let me assist.


2016: Trump blocks lethal-aid-to-Ukraine plank at RNC.
2017: Trump sends Rudy to Kyiv to scuttle Manafort probe.
2018: Trump lets Kyiv have Javelins only once they refuse to cooperate with Mueller.
2019: Trump withholds Javelins for Biden and other probes.

Or we could stick with *early* 2019:

January: Rudy in Ukraine seeking Biden dirt.
February: Rudy in Ukraine seeking Biden dirt.
March: Rudy gets Biden dirt to Solomon via Lutsenko.
April: Lutsenko recants the Biden dirt he gave Solomon.

All pre-Zelensky!

You know how they say that, if the lifespan of the Earth so far were to be condensed into a single day, humans would only appear at like 7 minutes to midnight or something? Well, do the same for the Ukraine scandal and Collins' timeline starts at 11:46PM.

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