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This viral online program has little love for establishment Democrats. Its hosts and their guests mercilessly rip into several of the top Democrats in the presidential race and the media covering them.

But one top-tier candidate typically gets spared.  https://www.latimes.com/politics/story/2019-12-12/sanders-and-the-left-media 

“Rising” adores Bernie Sanders.

Affinity for the Vermont democratic socialist has helped the show rocket to an average of 600,000 viewers daily since launching last year.  https://www.latimes.com/politics/story/2019-12-12/sanders-and-the-left-media 

Sanders supporters loudly protest what they see as the major media’s failure to cover their favored candidate or to portray him as a serious contender for the nomination.

The hashtag #Bernieblackout has become a major presence on social media.  https://www.latimes.com/politics/story/2019-12-12/sanders-and-the-left-media 

Here's how alternative media, with shows like "Rising" and "The Young Turks," is playing a major role in Sanders's success.

Read more from @evanhalper:  https://www.latimes.com/politics/story/2019-12-12/sanders-and-the-left-media 

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