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That’ll be it from me on Brexit now I think. Music, EU and non-EU Citz’ rights, and Scottish Indy from now on.

I went into this because a) very few people who’d actually negotiated with the EU were free to speak freely and I thought I might help people understand it; and b) I couldn’t stand the lies.

Now we move to the trade negotiations and there are plenty of people with experience in this area like @AnnaJerzewska, @DavidHenigUK, @SamuelMarcLowe @DmitryOpines , my friend @ottocrat & analysts and myth-busters like @Jim_Cornelius and @EmporersNewC.

And we have plenty of brilliant experts on the legal side like @StevePeers, @davidallengreen and @GeorgePeretzQC, and great commentators and journalist to cover, record and explain what’s going on like @chrisgreybrexit, @pmdfoster, @IanDunt @JenniferMerode, @joncstone &others.

On b) It’s become clear that not only do people not care if the lies are lies, but that they actively want them. This doesn’t mean calling them out is not important work, but my belief that people would think differently if they understood was obviously incorrect.

So I’m going to take some time to reflect, play guitar, spend Christmas with my family, reconnect with the friends I’ve neglected/bored to tears for years, try to restart my little studio business that I basically dropped just as it was taking off 3 1/2 years ago, & reflect.

I suggest everyone does whatever their equivalent of that is for. No fights will be won in the next few weeks, and everyone who’s fought so hard and at such personal cost need to look after themselves, each other, and their loved ones for a bit.

I hope my stuff on Brexit’s been useful, and I hope it will be useful again in helping an Independent Scotland with its application to join the EU in the next few years, and maybe, if I’m still around, rUK to reapply in 20 years, or whenever it manages to sort its shit out.

Obviously, I have a lot I could say about what’s happened, but I don’t think it’s useful to say it now, and it may never be.

There are two points that I think are useful to make now though.

1. This is dreadful for everyone, but please remember that non UK citizens in the UK, be they EU or non-EU citizens, are in the front line every single day of their lives. They need your support and solidarity. They always have, but now more than ever.

A country should be judged by how it treats other countries’ citizens in its care, and no country that isn’t open, welcoming, and humane can ever be regarded as remotely progressive.

2. Party allegiance doesn’t always ruin everything, but it always has the potential to. It has been a pox on the Remain movement since before the 2016 ref.

Join parties, participate, influence them and promote them, but don’t put faith in them above what’s right or good.

You can use them as a vehicle for good, for positive change, to help people, but don’t let them use you as a vehicle for power. They are a means, not an end in themselves. Better lives is the end.

This isn’t a goodbye. I’m not going anywhere. I’m not deleting the app or my account or anything, and my DMs are open. Just need, as you probably do, a little time to get my life back. If you do, take it. You’ve done everything you could have done and you deserve it.

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