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I’m a doctor and there have been times when I have been unable to navigate the complexities of American health care. My kids were on oxygen for a year, but they exhausted their oxygen benefits after 6 months. How does one “figure” that out?

I was sent to collections for a chest x-ray that never happened. Billed $600 for my son who died but received no care. Billed for an out of network anesthesiologist at an in network hospital. Some days I was on the phone for hours dealing will billing never mind the actual care.

I was two weeks post partum, I’d had sepsis so recovery was slow, and I was on the phone arguing with billing over the care my dead son did not receive. I only got the bill removed because I e-mailed the CEO. That’s not figuring it out, that’s a fucking travesty.

And if this comment is about trusting people to choose a health plan? I’m a doctor and found it hard to choose. And the choice I made was unworkable. I made an uninformed choice because I had no idea it would be like that. An uninformed choice is NOT choice.

One more thought. It isn’t just insurance companies. It’s hospitals that use out of network providers or have no price transparency. And of course other issues as well. But as you have essentially no workable data how can you make an informed choice?

And make sure all your vaccines are up to date!!! Vaccines save not only lives, but they are much less hassle and cost than the disease they prevent!

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