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~ Announcement! ~

I’m launching a community called The Bootstrappers Collective.

Me and @austin_rief (co-founder of @MorningBrew) are looking for 50 bootstrapped entrepreneurs to join us.

We’ll focus on:

1) Key challenges
2) Growth tactics
3) Business models

Thread 👇🏼

Why we’re starting The Boostrappers Collective: The internet is the best thing to happen to entrepreneurship.

But we’ve faced many challenges starting our businesses, and want to create a community to share learnings.

Plus, we want a more private space to talk about our work.

In full transparency, here are our goals.

We want to create a community for boot-strapped founders to share their best ideas. We’ll hand-pick a group of kind, generous, and ambitious founders.

We‘ll come together to learn, explore, and grow our companies.

We’ve lined up some surprise interviews and AMAs with marketers, operators and content creators.

Participants will share key learnings, under-rated marketing tactics, and have an easy place to talk shop with other bootstrappers.

All conversations will be raw and off-the-record.

I teamed up with Austin (@austin_rief) because I’m so impressed with what he’s built at @MorningBrew. He started the company in 2015, and has built an email list with more than 1.5 million subscribers.

If you’re ready to join, we’d like to hear from you.

Apply for an invite here!



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