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1/ PRIVACY will be bifurcating form of INEQUALITY

Rich will have it
(literally: private plane, cars, private school, private security, private club)

Poor will not
(public transp., public schools, public police, public parks)

The demand...
Bedroom, Bathroom, Bank account...

2/ The demand for PRIVACY will be in 3 B’s

Bank Account

the extreme poor + extreme rich
care less about privacy for Bank Account

Extreme rich publicly flaunt art, home purchases + rich-list inclusion
Extreme poor publicly joke ‘i’m deadass broke’

Who cares?..

3/ The people who care about PRIVACY for bank account are all in middle who fear judgment + jockey for status

They may make $ X
but want people to think they make 2x-3x $ X

while extreme rich + extreme poor
are respectively boastful + begrudging
truthful in revelation of status

4/ AGE also inversely correlated with expectation of PRIVACY

Older, more
Younger, less

From Venmo (public feed of payments to/fro) to location, photos, videos

The more that others post + share, the less taboo

Consider also contemporary moral mores...

5/ We went from 1960s Jack Parr being censored off TV for saying “toilet”—actually he said “w.c.” for water closet.

6/ to 1990s NYPD blue showing partil nudity + foul language on network TV... 

7/ To a presidential candidate saying ‘grab em by the’...and still getting elected.

And the CEO of a $60B public company calling a hero who saved children trapped in a cave ‘a pedo guy’—

both with IMPUNITY...

8/ A prior generation would have never shared vacation photos in bikinis or photos of drinking or partying—the risk was too high

But the risk for ONE goes down when EVERYONE else is doing it.

The once taboo thing becomes literally: commonplace...

9/ And from 1990s KIDS to 200s SKINS to today’s EUPHORIA

with Zendaya character saying:

“I know your generation relied on flowers and your father’s permission, but it’s 2019 and unless you’re Amish, nudes are the currency of love. Stop shaming us. 

10/ PRIVACY will be a luxury
demanded (and afforded) by the rich and the old
devalued by the young

In the future, as time passes
the future you, will be surprised by what passes
without taboo or shame

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