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Andreessen: "What you want is a flywheel [such as] more people reading with a browser leads to more people wanting to publish with a server. The more people who publish with a server, the more incentive there is to read, and you get a flywheel effect." 

Marc Andreessen: "Network effects are the best businesses in the world, but to get the network effect going, to get through the bootstrap phase, you need some hack. You need some strategy to get you through that initial phase to the flywheel catching."

Related previous podcast with Marc Andreessen and Brain Kopelman:  "Systems thinking mode is like, hey, that’s just the first step — because it’s not just about the product."

Rich Barton: "If you really have a flywheel, it is OK to do un-economic things to hand-crank stuff, so long as once it is spinning you can take your hand away.”

Marc Andreessen started a flywheel by providing customer support for the entire internet as it then existed by himself

5/ In the podcast with Mike Maples is an account by Andreessen of how the Information Highway era overshadowed the developing phenomenon that was the Internet. As everyone knows, the definitive account of that is in section 1 of my 25iq blog post on Tupac! 

6/ Marc Andreessen: "I’m reading the first issue of Wired magazine. It’s going on and on about interactive TV and the information superhighway and this and that, digital tsunami, and this and that, and the whole manifesto, the whole thing. It didn’t mention the internet."

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