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The fact that Activision/Blizzard got millions in tax rebates should not be taken in isolation from their general business practices of selling unregulated gambling to children, it points to a significant rot within the AAA games industry. None of it should be allowed to happen.

For context, American taxpayers are effectively paying Activision/Blizzard millions for no reason.

$228,000,000 in taxpayer money going into the pockets of a company that, back early last year it was reported, made over SEVEN BILLION, more than half of which came from microtransactions and lootboxes - *cough* unregulated gambling *cough* 

Microtransactions/lootboxes are effectively gambling, they've been linked to gambling addiction, and I can't emphasize this enough, are unregulated. Companies like Activision/Blizzard sell gambling without having any of the legal oversight of gambling. 

And this is from a company that, while boasting of record revenue, shitcanned 800 employees. There's something deeply broken and dysfunctional with an economic system that allows any company to behave like this, but ActiBlizz are just one such company. 

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