Steve Bullock+ Your Authors @GuitarMoog New Album, One Thousand Days, out now exclusively through @EUCitizensChamp (link below). 100% of proceeds fo to @the3million. Dec. 18, 2019 1 min read + Your Authors

My new album, One Thousand Days, is now available to download exclusively through the EU Citizens’ Champion site (link below).

It costs whatever you can donate, with 100% going to the @the3million to help in their essential work.

Hope you like it! 

Thanks so much to @cliodiaspora for all her work on this release, and for setting up @eucitizenschamp in the first place.

It was a bit of a challenge to get it so absolutely every penny of revenue (not profits), and she had to find an entirely new distribution method for it.

So please bear with us if the download is a bit cumbersome, or the email takes a while to arrive.

You can listen to clips of the tracks here: 

The download link you’ll get also includes a rather snazzy digibook designed by the brilliant @dermage, with beautiful photography by my outrageously talented little brother @J_W_Fortune

Like this:

And here’s the story behind how I accidentally made the album to help with my depression and anxiety.

Here’s a vid about EU Citizens’ Champion and @the3million, and the essential work they do.

Many, many thanks, and I hope you like the music. 

PS, I’ve listened to this a lot. Like, really a lot, as I mixed it and you have to.

If you’re listening to it quietly to relax, it’s fine in mono like on a little Bluetooth speaker. I tested it on one that sticks to the shower door.

If you want to listen closely, it’s much better in stereo though, so try it on headphones as well if you only have a mono speaker.

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