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ADF, one of the most bloodthirsty terrorist groups, went door-to-door in the Beni area of Democratic Republic of Congo killing innocent people

22 are dead; adding to an overall death toll of millions

This story didn't even register as a blip on the radar

2. A must-read report from Reuters about the crisis in Africa's Sahel region:

Groups linked to al Qaeda and Islamic State, having lost ground in the Middle East, are expanding in Africa and exploiting gold mines across the region.


3. Apple, Google, Microsoft, Dell and Tesla are sued over alleged child labor in The Democratic Republic of the Congo


4. Health officials in eastern Congo have documented the first relapse in the current Ebola epidemic.

The Ebola outbreak in Democratic Republic of Congo has so far infected more than 3,300 people and killed more than 2,200 since the middle of last year


5. Must-watch Frontline report on the Ebola crisis in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

"Here there is Ebola and there are people cutting us with machetes."


6. 'We were so close': how unrest in Congo thwarted the battle against Ebola


7. The men who came to the village of Ntombi in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in mid-December aimed to spare no one.

Militants with the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) hacked to death women and children, killing 22 people in a single incident


8. Thirty-five innocent people (31 women) were killed by terrorists in Burkina Faso yesterday.

This adds to a death toll of well over 10,000 massacred in just the past year due to jihadist violence in the Sahel region of Africa.


9. Five people were stabbed by on the London Bridge & it dominated global news & got tons of attention on social media (as it should be)

How many of you knew that over 10,000 innocent people have been killed by terrorists in West Africa in the past year?

10. Somalia Bombing Kills Nearly 80, Raising Fears of Resurgent Militancy

A truck filled with explosives blew up at a busy intersection in the capital. It was the latest, and the worst, in a series of recent attacks.


11. On ‘Shoestring Budget,’ Terrorist Group Al Shabab Poses Deadly Threat in Somalia

The group suspected in an attack that killed 79 people has lost territory, suffered defections & been targeted by US airstrikes. But it can still mount large attacks


12. NEW: 18 civilians were hacked to death by the terrorist group ADF in the Beni region of the Democratic Republic of the Congo

The Beni region of the DRC has been ravaged by Ebola, conflict, and terrorism. Those who live in Beni have never known peace

13. Terrorists 'hack civilians to death' in eastern DRC attack

Distrust in government grows after 23 people die in an attack by ADF, which has killed hundreds since late October.


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