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Cold emails are a great way to land a job.

Here's what I've learned:

∙ Email the CEO directly.
∙ Show that you're unique.
∙ Be specific.
∙ Make a bold request.
∙ Have a clear call-to-action.
∙ Don't be humble. This isn't the time to be modest.

Now... make magic happen.

I admire the audacity of this email.

h/t @niraj

Here's an email I sent to @tylercowen in 2017.

He agreed to come on my podcast, so I took a smelly $5 MegaBus from New York to Washington D.C to interview him.

That interview led to my "Emergent Ventures" grant and all the incredible support I've received from Tyler.

Ok, friends... I typed up an example for you.

I used the example of @TaskRabbit and added a random employee's name.

It's yours. 100% yours.

Copy it, change the words, and email the coolest person you can think of.

Cold emails and writing online are the ultimate 1-2 punch.

"The benefits of writing online compound over time. Like any smart investment, it builds on itself. Write something once and you can share it for the rest of your life."


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