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BREAKING NEWS: Trump Attempts to Out CIA Whistleblower By Retweeting Washington Examiner Article with Alleged Name of Whistleblower in Its Headline; the Move, a Violation of Trump's Oath of Office, Threatens National Security By Seeking to Intimidate Whistleblowers into Silence

1/ Remember that, per the NYT, there are at *least* two whistleblowers and may be more; the Democrats remain in the midst of Russia and Ukraine investigations; a Senate trial, possibly with witnesses, is pending... this is a clear threat from Trump. 

2/ Again, *everyone* needs to know that if *you* did this, it'd be a *crime*. Major-media reports have indicated the whistleblower is in danger; Trump is the defendant in a pending case; he has just, contrary to law, sought to out a whistleblower to 65 million readers on Twitter.

3/ Trump has previously implied that he wants death to all those who oppose him (most recently, Adam Schiff). There's no doubt whatsoever that, *even though the Senate trial in no way hinges on the whistleblower*, Trump wants harm done to him/her. The man is an absolute monster.

4/ Remember, *everything the whistleblower said is true* and *all of it has been corroborated*, even by *Trump himself*. It's for *this* reason the whistleblower isn't even an active witness in the Ukraine scandal anymore.

So this is *only* about revenge. 

5/ Let me state this as clearly as I can: the moment it was clear the President of the United States wanted his political rivals killed or jailed it should've been game over for him. Democrats and Republicans in D.C. should have *together* removed him from his office immediately.

6/ Trump is famous for virtually never laughing. There's no evidence he tells jokes or that his rhetoric is tongue-in-cheek, as the worst things he says he repeats multiple times with a dead-eyed stare. He should've lost *all political support* when he started threatening people.

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