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A crazy idea: if you have a problem with anything I've said on this feed, how about you read either or both of the two New York Times bestsellers I've written on the Trump presidency, which include 6,500+ citations to major-media sources, then tell me what I've said that's wrong.

PS/ I'm sick of these cowards without law degrees or any legal, investigative, or journalistic experience who haven't put in the time or done the research to communicate anything substantive re: the Trump stories they write about blithely comparing this feed to nutjobs' rantings.

PS2/ I know this will make me sound old, but I feel like there was a time when we didn't discount well-researched books just because we *hadn't read them* or because someone else had made fun of them. We would either say, "I'm not familiar with that book" or ignore it altogether.

PS3/ Even best-selling books are only read by a tiny fraction of Americans, so I'm never annoyed or surprised or nonplussed if I discover someone hasn't read Proof of Collusion or Proof of Conspiracy. But if you haven't read them and want to talk about them, I don't respect that.

PS4/ The longest book chapter on the Steele dossier written by any US author was written by me, and it happens to also have the most major-media sources and take no position on its topic. Yet plenty of people who think themselves serious haven't read it but want to talk about it.

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