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I have gamer anxiety.

2 dozen games that I've half played that I want to go back to and finish, but having choice paralysis over which one, so I don't play any of them and either freeze up or play Slay the Spire for another run.

I really want to go back and play more Pathologic 2, or maybe finally finish Nier Automata, or Octopath Traveler, or Yakuza Kiwami, or Code Vein, or Indivisible, or Bloodstained, or the Dishonored DLC, or or or... *Freezes up*

Or maybe Sekiro?

*Screams in gamer*

I think once I'm back streaming, it'll help. Streaming often gives me the drive to stick with and finish a game, so after new year's I think I'll fire up Sekiro again.

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