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Let’s hear from every political candidate how they plan to fix this. Americans should not be bankrolling the pharmaceutical industry.

No platitudes. I want to specifically know how Americans will only be providing an appropriate share of profits. This should not be a hard thing to do. If a drug costs $80 in Canada and $800 in the US then it only costs $80. The end.

Many governments negotiate aggressively with drug companies. That the American government stands by and allows Americans to bear the burden of their cowardice and suffers from the lobbying is obscene. If Canada can limit drug prices so can the US.

And Egypt drove a hard bargain with Gilead over Hep C treatment. $84k in the US and $900 in Egypt. Yes, $900 for the same therapy that was $84k in the US. 

I’d also ban direct to consumer advertising from pharmaceutical companies. And stop the lawsuits that delay generics. And enact legislation that the price of any drug developed because of NIH funded research is set by the government.

And I’d ban Pharma lobbying. They have abused the privilege.

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