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1) @MinionCapital suggested I go to Big Wave Dave Surf. Wish I could.

Funny/strange story about surfing, fear of sharks, a knife and Hawaii. First vacation I paid for myself as an adult was to go to surfing school in Hawaii.

2) I have a debilitating, irrational fear of sharks. So I had gone to an Army/Navy surplus store and bought an enormous knife with a sheath and bandolier of sorts to wear while surfing so I could defend myself from sharks. 👍😁

3) The knife hung diagonally on my chest. So I showed up for the first day of Nancy Emerson’s surf school wearing a swimsuit, a bandolier and an enormous knife.

100% earnest and ready to go.

4) Clearly a first for the instructors who were shocked. After I explained my thinking they made me take the knife off and threw it away telling me I couldn’t join the class with it and that it wouldn’t be any use (still skeptical of this btw 🧐😀).

5) So I went to surfing school in mortal fear. Made myself go into the water and surf every day as one of my many weaknesses is being a little (obviously not overly; otherwise no knife) vain abt willpower and rationality.

6) Vividly remember the fear and the feeling that I would be safe if only I had the knife with me. Guess I’m not as rational as I would hope!

Absolutely loved surfing but never surfed again.

7) Back in my lane tomorrow btw. I promise only stocks, investing, venture, technology. Vacation has me off my usual game. 😀

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