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From what I’ve seen from many remainers’ recently - hoping for for collective punishment of leave voting areas; leftists & liberals chucking the most vulnerable groups under a bus; wishing catastrophe on a country to prove themselves right; cries of betrayal at even slight...

...moderation, realism, or refusal to be deluded; spreading bullshit; exceptionalism and blame pointed at the EU; obsessive partisanship; whipping up hatred; accusations thrown at allies; personal attacks for perceived ideological impurity; arrogance and self-centredness...

...and at times a startling lack of solidarity being shown - it’s hard not to conclude that the UK, or more precisely England, is screwed.

All of those are traits that Remainers have accused Brexiters of, and now many remainers are happy to ape them.

I’ll always believe that the EU was better, and would have been better with the UK in it, but the awful reality is that Europe is, right now, better off without this version of the UK, where even those ostensibly pro-EU act like this.

For this to one day not be true again, it’ll take a sea change in public attitudes, and fights to preserve rights, decency and to protect the vulnerable at every single turn. That won’t be achieved by taking on the language and methods of the Brexiters.

If you read this and think “that fucking bastard...” or whatever, that’s fine. I’m sick of arguing with other remainers.

Reflect on it or don’t. Do as you will. It’s your country, your society, and your politics. It was mine, but I don’t recognise it anymore, even on my own ‘side’. I’ll never even be allowed to vote there again. It’s up to you.

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